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Are you ready to level up your business?


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Are you a passionate business owner or aspiring entrepreneur seeking to take your venture to new heights?

Look no further! Our dedicated Business Coaching Services are designed to provide you with the personalised support and expert guidance you need to unlock your business’s true potential.

The Plattform Business Consultancy Services



Empower your business. Elevate your future.

Designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers like you, this intensive consultancy service provides strategic planning and impactful results.

The Plattform Business Consultancy session is developed to offer expertise, tailored precisely to your business’s needs. Our commitment is to empower you with actionable strategies and insights that drive immediate impact to your you and your business.

Unlock the power of an hour – connect with us today to schedule your Business Power Hour session. Elevate your strategy, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities with The Plattform by your side.



Our business coaching is not just about reaching goals; they’re about achieving sustainable, long-term success.

Experience Transformative Growth with The Plattform’s 3-Month Business Consultancy Support Package

Are you a driven entrepreneur or business owner looking to make significant leaps in your business’s performance and strategic direction? The Plattform’s exclusive 3-Month Business Consultancy Support Package is your pathway to realising your full potential, driving growth, and achieving sustainable success.

At The Plattform, we understand that lasting success requires more than just short-term fixes. Our 3-Month Business Consultancy Support Package is designed to provide you with in-depth guidance, strategic expertise, and ongoing support over a transformative three-month period.



Unlock Year-Long Success with The Plattform’s Business Coaching Yearly Package

At The Plattform, we’re committed to helping your business thrive, and our Business Coaching Yearly Package is designed to provide you with comprehensive, long-term support that yields remarkable results. Choosing a yearly package can be a game-changer for you and your business.

Consistent Guidance and Support:

Business success is a journey, not a destination. Our yearly package ensures that you receive continuous guidance and support throughout the entire year. This consistency allows for in-depth strategy development and the implementation of impactful initiatives.

Long-Term Planning and Strategy:

Achieving your business goals requires a well-thought-out strategy. With a yearly package, we have the time to delve deep into your business, develop a robust plan, and refine it as needed, ensuring steady progress and adaptability.

Cost-Effective Investment:

Our yearly packages offer cost savings compared to the monthly plans. This means you can access premium coaching services at a more friendly rate, maximising the value you receive.

Dedicated Relationship Building:

I will have the opportunity to build a strong, personalised relationship with you and your business. This deep connection allows for a better understanding of your unique needs and goals, leading to more effective coaching.

Comprehensive Business Growth:

A year-long commitment allows us to work on various aspects of your business, from strategy refinement to marketing campaigns, product launches, and expansion. This comprehensive approach ensures holistic growth.

Sustained Accountability:

Accountability is a cornerstone of success. With a yearly package, you have a consistent accountability partner who will keep you on track and motivated, ensuring that you make tangible progress towards your goals.

Results That Compound Over Time:

Building a successful business takes time and effort. Our yearly package allows you to make changes and improvements that have a cumulative effect, leading to significant growth over the course of a year.


    “Penny’s PR knowledge and understanding of business growth is insane and her advice and guidance lead me to newspaper articles, online articles, hosting breakfast radio and so on…things i’d never been able to get into previously.

    She taught me how to sell my business story in the right way and this has also helped my business growth massively.”

    Lucy Carter-Vale

    Business Owner, LMA Studios, Cheshunt

    “Wow what can I say, other than Penny is amazing. After my customer mapping with Penny not only do I have a clearer idea of who each of my customers are but I also have a profile to have in front of me for when I’m creating my content so I speak to them directly.

    All of which was created after an hour session for me by Penny. I would highly recommend.”

    Tracy Fishburn

    Founder, Tracy's Treasured Keepsakes, Henlow

    “Want to know what’s truly behind every successful woman? The answer is Penny Joyner-Platt!  She is my go-to superhuman for all things PR and copywriting. She knows just how to find the perfect words to deliver a message that comes more naturally to me in a visual form, and her ability to do that whilst matching my tone of voice makes her presence within both of my brands absolutely seamless.”

    Tigz Rice

    Director, Boudoir By Tigz, Welwyn Garden City

    PR coaching packages



    (One Off Payment)

    Our one hour sessions are designed to help you create a strong news story for your business that journalists will want to cover.

    Initial brief email
    1 x Hour video call
    Follow up email



    (Payment Plan Available)

    If your looking for a bit more ongoing PR support and regular catch up’s then The Plattform 3 Month PR Set Up could be perfect for you.

    Tailored Strategic Plan
    3 x Month PR Consultancy
    Follow Up Support



    (Payment Plan Available)

    If you require monthly PR coaching across the year then our yearly PR support offering is the right course for you to achieve maximum results.

    Strategic 12 Month PR Plan
    Monthly PR support
    Creative brainstorm sessions