Am I Mad… Setting Up My Own Business?

Penny Joyner-Platt Founder of The Plattform

Starting your own business as a Mum of 2 boys under 3, after being made redundant and living through a pandemic… am I mad?

As I launch my new business, The Plattform I thought it would be great to take a few steps back and explain the journey that got me here. Why for me, setting up my business was the right thing to do. Sometimes life pushes you in the direction that is absolutely the right route you should be taking.

I know the scary feeling of going out on your own or making the move to really get behind your side hustle you’ve been working so long and hard for. Juggling multiple jobs to just to get to do exactly what you want to do and what your passionate about.

My Passion

For me that passion is people and supporting small businesses. I have spent years understanding clients, brands, the media and just what each of them want. When you set up your business you don’t know it all and you need that helping hand to guide the way. I feel passionate that I can be that helping hand, and this is where The Plattform was born.

Back in late 2019 during the early months of my maternity leave I was made redundant from my London PR Agency. I had spent the last 15 years building up my career in PR, Marketing and media. From the early days at ITV, GCap Media (now Global) to sitting on the news floor at the Press Association and then going Agency side, I have seen all the demands of a client and brand and the stresses of being a journalist.

Bridging the Gap

I was fortunate enough to sit between the two, both brands and the media. We were able to bridge the gap to ensure each client became visible on every platform. Part of my experience at PA included the early days when online news began. We saw print and broadcast no longer become the wholly grail for clients. I built a social media team within my first London agency when the demand required it and I saw the huge rise of the influencer and the ability to actually prove how this tactic can generate sales!

It felt like such a knock when I lost my job. I had dedicated my life to my career and when I finally began to consider my personal life and having a family it was like I was no longer needed, redundant to this industry!

I’d been told years before to set up on my own, but I certainly didn’t feel ready but now this was exactly the push I needed. It no longer felt like the daunting prospect once before and I had certainly had my fill of micromanagement. So, I plunged in headfirst and set up my own agency.

The Journey Begins

Starting with a couple of lovely clients. They required my expertise when they just didn’t have the time themselves to look after social media profiles and publicity in the local area. The business quickly developed because the client needs were developing, not only going through a pandemic but they wanted support across their entire marketing strategy. This business development offering I’m able to give to small businesses whether they are a start-up, going through a rebrand or just want to level up excites me so much and I can help.

I am an extension to these businesses I get to know the people, the brand, the business and become a part of that and that’s what The Plattform is all about. Helping you to get your business visible on every platform. I want to create a network and a community with the people I work with, so they feel supported no matter what their needs are.

There is so much more I could tell you but I’m going to hold out on you for now and say there is SO much more to come.