The Power of PR for Small Businesses

We all know that any business, no matter the size, thrives from great publicity and a strong reputation. Building a brand is no mean feat. It demands so much of the business owner to nurture an audience that will ultimately turn into sales. This is where public relations can help build, promote and manage brand reputation.

A common misconception is that PR is for large corporations and recognised brands. I set up The Plattform to help correct this and bang the drum for small businesses. If done right, PR can be a powerful tool for any size business or individual.

There are so many new starter businesses happening all over the UK and what will set you apart is investing your time in PR. I can help guide you to become your own PR guru for your brand. 

Here are five reasons to invest and plan your business growth with PR.

1. Create brand recognition through a step-by-step process. 

Brands take time to create and develop. If you want to tell your story you need to establish your brand and believe in it. It takes time, plenty of brainstorming and research to formulate the best approach. Whether you have recently launched your brand or have been in the industry for a while, investing in PR can help you achieve your business’ goals. You don’t have to spend a fortune and in bulk when it comes to PR. If you choose to partner with a PR agency, PR expert and work with them to do the work yourself it will set you up for future success and grow that brand and business. 

2. Promote your brand image and values. 

Pictures really are worth 1,000 words. I believe the most vital element that a brand should obtain from the target audience is trust. Without trust, it’s harder to attain an increase in exposure and following. The lack of credibility can eventually lead to failure for the brand to grow and loss of sales. Public relations can help bridge the gap between the business and target consumers through social media, video marketing, thought leadership pieces, events and more. Working with talented photographers who understand the media is vital. I would recommend checking out Tigz Rice who has made a name for herself in the industry and ensures she gets the best out of everyone she works with.

3. Make connections. 

Social and socialise… You can gain access to a vast web of influencers and other connections that potentially help your brand reputation grow. Cross marketing is an example in which you can partner with other brands and businesses that complement your brand. By creating conditions favourable for your target market, both parties can benefit from this partnership.

4. Influence the market.

With a well-crafted news story that focuses on your brand, you can grab the attention of your audience and connect with them on a personal level. PR has the ability to change and influence the public’s way of thinking about your brand. Even in a crisis management situation for your brand i.e. product recall, disgruntled customers or employees etc PR crisis management provides support to address the situation, deliver a strategy that meets the needs for all parties and works with the media at every stage.

5. Improve and strengthen your brand’s relationship within the community. 

Become an integral part of your local community. By being active and becoming involved with the local community, you will amplify your brand awareness with those around you. Charities and fundraising events can help create a positive impact on your brand and build your business’s reliability. By forming ties with the local market, you are building trust and will be seen as a reputable brand.

If you want support, advice or a fully serviced PR offering for your business then The Plattform can provide any level of support you need. We want to put the PR power in your hands but if you need any additional support we will always offer a full service to see your brand excel!

Just contact the team and Penny will provide a free consultation to help you achieve your PR dreams for your brand.


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