Social Media Trends for Small Businesses in 2023

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Hello 2023! This is the year for achieving those business goals, changing a side hustle into your dream job or getting that idea that’s been in your head for a while off the ground! Creating and owning your own business can be so rewarding and you can achieve it!

Knowing how to set up or level up your business can be scary. The Plattform offers support and guidance to business owners at every stage to ensure that dream can happen for you in 2023.

One key area to focus on this year will be social media for your business. What are the platforms you should focus on? Where is your audience and what media are they consuming? I want you to utilise your time wisely so here are my thoughts and insights on what social media will be doing for small businesses in 2023…

  1. Increased use of social commerce: Social media platforms are expected to continue to evolve their e-commerce capabilities, making it easier for businesses to sell products and services directly to their audiences.
  2. Greater focus on privacy and security: With increasing concerns about data privacy and security, social media platforms are expected to invest more resources in protecting users’ personal information.
  3. Emergence of new platforms: As the social media landscape becomes increasingly saturated, new platforms are expected to emerge to challenge the established players.
  4. More use of short-form video: Short-form video formats such as TikTok and Instagram Reels are expected to continue to grow in popularity in 2023.
  5. Greater use of live streaming: Live streaming is expected to become even more popular in 2023, as more businesses and individuals use it to connect with their audiences in real-time.
  6. More use of augmented reality: Augmented reality is expected to become more prevalent in social media in 2023, with platforms like Instagram and Snapchat continuing to develop their AR capabilities.
  7. Increased use of micro-influencers: Businesses are expected to increasingly rely on micro-influencers, or individuals with smaller but highly engaged followings, to promote their products and services.
  8. More focus on ephemeral content: Social media platforms are expected to continue to feature more ephemeral content, or content that disappears after a certain period of time, as a way to keep users engaged.
  9. Greater use of AI and automation: Social media platforms are expected to continue to use AI and automation to personalise the user experience and improve content recommendations.
  10. More use of social media for mental health and wellness: Social media platforms are expected to continue to be used more frequently as a tool for mental health and wellness, with a focus on connecting users with resources and support.

Social media doesn’t need to be a mine field or something you need to be super passionate about but it is important to your business no matter what the size of the business. You need to factor it in to your business and marketing strategy. You don’t always have to be on every platform to create the right buzz or response but you need to be present.

I set up The Plattform to offer help to small business owners who either wanted to learn the skill or have someone help do it for them. No matter what position you’re in, the stage of your business or what your budget is there is always a way to help get your business visible. Contact me today for a free consultation and chat on how we can help you with your social media needs for your business.

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